Free shipping in Canada when you snag 3 bags!
Free shipping in Canada when you snag 3 bags!
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About Us

Hi!My name is Elle, I own and manage Dead Simple Coffee. To be candid, this wasn't supposed to happen. I mean "logically" yes you could say that this is the "logical" progression of events after working in the coffee industry for several years but nowhere in my life plans was it written "start a coffee company at 25". 

Don't get me wrong, I love learning new things. As a matter of fact, I'm pursuing studies at the University of Concordia right now in biochemistry. This is my second undergraduate degree: I have a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and sociology from the University of Ottawa. I also have a certificate from York University in Big Data Analytics.

Now, you're probably thinking, "What does any of this have to do with coffee?". That's a very valid question. The answer is: it's all tangential.

While I was toiling away at my first undergrad in Ottawa, I got part time jobs at various independent cafés. I spent a cumulative 5 years working as a barista until I moved to Montreal in spring 2019. After several months of trying to find employment in my field, I finally came upon a job that peaked my curiosity but that had nothing to do with my degree. It was a position for a roaster's assistant at a local Montreal coffee company that roasts coffee and has its own café. It was with them that I learned how to roast coffee, how to cup coffee, how to manage production days and carry out quality control measures.

Eventually there came a day where I learned all that I could at that job. Somewhere along the way I graduated from roaster's assistant to Head Roaster and I began craving a new adventure in the coffee scene. In January 2021, I founded Dead Simple Coffee. Now, I have the capacity and the privilege to see my coffee dreams come to life. Would you like to know my favourite part? Sharing my coffee with others. 

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that compares to sharing the coffee I love with other people.

It always makes my day whenever I receive feedback about any of my coffees. To be able to connect with the coffee community both locally in Montreal and nationally throughout Canada is the most rewarding experience in my life to date. 

So that's me, in a nutshell. What do you like about coffee? Is there anything you'd like to see in coffee that you think I should consider? Email me at Seriously, just send me an email, even if it's just to say hi. I'd love to hear from you.

If there was a mission statement, it would probably read like this:

Here at Dead Simple, we roast and sell ridiculously delicious coffees that we're dying to share with everyone. All of our products are available until we sell out, and once they're gone, they're gone for good. Some things are just too good to last.
Located in Montreal, Canada.