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Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen

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Peachy Keen talks the talk and walks the walk: with notes reminiscent of peaches, brown sugar and cotton candy, this coffee will transport you to a cool summer morning no matter when you drink it.

Try it as an espresso for a refreshing zing!

Located in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, this red honey processed coffee was farmed by Tito Monge and his three sisters Erica, Marianela and Carolina at their farm La Bendita. This unique processing method allows the coffee cherries to ferment in a sealed temperature-controlled environment for 36 hours before being partially depulped. Once transferred to raised drying beds, the beans spend 12-15 days in full sunlight where Tito and his family turn them over several times a day to ensure even drying. This labour-intensive processing method imparts the beans with unbelievably unique, complex flavours.

Origin: Costa Rica, in the Tarrazu region.
Elevation: 1500-1600masl
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Red Honey

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Grey L.
I recommend this product
Simply delicious!

Flavours totally pop when brewed w/ pour-over. Suuuuper peachy. The roaster consistently pumps out batch after batch of great beans.

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